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When’s The Best Time for Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit?

When’s The Best Time for Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit?

Your oral health is essential to longevity and a good quality of life. Many adults would agree, however, developing positive oral hygiene habits begin in childhood. If your child’s teeth and gums aren’t healthy at the early stages of their life, this could easily manifest into bigger health problems down the road. Take action now and learn the best time for your child’s first orthodontic exam in order to preserve your youngster’s health and pretty smile during their developmental years.

Many parents are surprised to hear that maintaining quality oral care habits for their children can sometimes go far beyond consulting a dentist. As they get older, it becomes obvious that many children need the help of a specialist to ensure their teeth remain in good shape. A qualified Orthodontist like Dr. Barton Soper and Dr. Veronica Toro can identify irregularities in the teeth, jaws and face, as well as offer corrective treatment that best fit your little one’s oral needs.

It’s important to seek an orthodontist for your child when his or her permanent teeth are starting to grow in. This age varies since every child is different. That said, most orthodontic exams and treatments begin for kids around age 7 and should definitely occur no later than 9 years of age. That’s why at Advanced Orthodontics, Dr. Soper & Dr. Toro make sure to have complimentary consultations for all of his patients in this age range (at all ages, actually).

Why Your Child Should See an Orthodontist at an Early Age

The best time for your child’s first orthodontic exam is when his or her jaw and face begins developing as their adult teeth start coming in. Holding off on orthodontic treatment can potentially cause crooked teeth and spaces in the mouth to disfigure a child’s face. By the time he or she is past adolescence, their bones have already set in place. While it’s not impossible to seek orthodontic care after this time, it’s certainly more difficult to bring the muscles and teeth into harmony with the rest of the face.

Dr. Soper and Dr. Toro are exceptional Orthodontists and will initially assess your child’s needs during the first consultation. Concerns such as crowding, large spacing, problematic facial growth and bad habits, such as thumb-sucking, cheek-biting, or tongue-thrusting are taken into consideration. Afterwards, it’s easier to determine your child’s individualized treatment plan. If braces or retainers aren’t needed, your child will at least receive instructions on how to better preserve their smile’s appearance.


  • A beautiful smile
  • Proper tooth alignment
  • Comfortable eating and digestive habits
  • Easier time breathing and sleeping
  • Improvement in speech
  • Healthy self-esteem

The best time for your child’s first orthodontic exam remains a crucial factor in their development.  As a family practice we encourage you to teach your child the benefits of early orthodontic care. Help them to avoid issues that can hinder their well-being later in life.

Why Visit Advanced Orthodontics and Dr. Soper & Dr. Toro

Dr. Soper and Dr. Toro truly love working with patients of all ages and building relationships while creating beautiful, confident, healthy and personalized smiles. He believes one of his greatest rewards is the first time a patient sees their smile in the mirror after treatment. He is constantly working to incorporated the latest trends in orthodontic care and even worked on a team that developed a new invisible retainer to hold teeth in place! You will love getting to know Dr. Soper & Dr. Toro and working with the Advanced Orthodontics team to achieve your amazing smile!

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