Orthodontic Retainers – Your Key to Maintaining Straight Teeth

Orthodontic retainers Orthodontic retainers…Do you really know how important they are? Okay, so you decided to invest in the straightening of your teeth. Your smile is perfect and you are absolutely delighted with your results from Advanced Orthodontics. Now what?

Orthodontic retainers that were made specifically for you are the most important key to you maintaining that new gorgeous smile. Do you have to wear them? YES…If you want to keep your teeth straight and perfect like they are now.

The Orthodontists at Advanced Orthodontics produce incredible results with the newest and most leading edge techniques and technology that is available today. Now it is your turn to do your part and be diligent about wearing your orthodontic retainers.

Your teeth are actually still on the move. They are held by a strong elastic tissue that is attached to them and to the jawbone. When you apply pressure to the teeth, the bone on the other side of them dissolves and the teeth can move. This is how orthodontists get your teeth to move and straighten…by applying pressure. The fact is that although your teeth are solidly set…they can still move. The downside is that there is a kind of memory that lingers for the previous “natural” position of the teeth, thus the need for orthodontic retainers.

There are three basic types of retainers.
• Hawley Retainers which are made of metal and acrylic.
• Essix Retainers which are made of clear plastic similar to Invisalign aligners.
• Permanent Retainers which are glued to the back of your teeth.

The Doctors at Advanced Orthodontics will recommend the very best solution for your specific case. You need to trust that wearing your retainers will become part of your daily habit and lifestyle and will certainly help protect and maintain your perfect smile and your investment. If you have any questions about retainers or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact our office in Bellevue WA. We look forward to hearing from you.